French-themed Gift Guide for the Total Francophile

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Do you have a total Francophile in your life? For me, that would be Cecilio and his mom. They love all things France, from the food to the culture to the history. In fact, Cecilio is raring to go back to Paris after us getting sick there and losing our tastebuds. He wants a redo to be able to try all his favorite French dishes. I’m trying to save money for us to go back next year along with Amsterdam.

If you have a loved one who’s enamored with all things France (or Paris) in general, you’re going to want to surprise them with these magnifique gifts with this French-themed gift guide. You will have them go “ooh-la-la”!

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French-themed Gift Guide

Homesick Candle: France

Homesick is a candle brand that makes scents based on a location or a milestone. You’re probably wondering, what does France smell like? Well, this candle has notes of vanilla, butter, coffee, tobacco, anise, and lavender. From the stick of butter in the croissant steps from the boulangerie to the lavender-filled fields in Provence to the cigarette-lined streets, this candle will transport you back to L’Hexagone.

Paris LEGO Set

This LEGO set is perfect for kids, or kid-at-heart adult! It has 649 pieces and is fun and challenging to put together, and add as a new piece of decor. The set includes Paris’ famous landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Lourve, and Champs-Elyssés.

French Dog Costume with Striped Shirt, Scarf, and Beret

Now, this is just too adorable! Fido needs a gift too, and what better way to express your love for France than through your furbaby? I might even get this for my dogs!

Easy French Phrase Book

For those who have never been to France, if there is one thing you need to know, it’s that the people are averse to speaking in any other language other than French. They speak English for the most part but they would prefer to speak in their own language. As a way to acclimate and show respect for the culture, this book has simple French phrases and words for you to learn on the go!

Macaron Baking Kit

I love macarons so I would be super thrilled to get this as a gift! This kit comes with 2 silicone mats, piping tips, bags, and other supplies to make everyone’s favorite French sweet treat!

“Heart & Soul in the Kitchen” by Jacques Pépin

French-loving foodies know and adore Jacques Pépin for his charismatic personality and his delicious meals; after all, he is a renowned chef who has cooked for three former French heads of state. Some of his recipes include sole vin blanc, apple galette, and Camembert with pistachio crust.

Traditional Crepe Mix

Most Francophiles love the crepes, whether sweet with Nutella and berries or savory with ham and cheese. With this crepe mix, you can make both! Beware that there is milk and wheat, for those who eat gluten and dairy-free.

Paris Keepsake Box

This keepsake box is quite pricey, I will have to admit, but it’s study and made with brass, 14K gold, acrylic, pewter, alloy, and sterling silver. Not only does it store loose items or sourvenirs, but it also makes a great piece of home decor in itself!

Gingerbread Eiffel Tower

Who needs a basic gingerbread house when the Francophile in your life would love to decorate and frost their Eiffel Tower similar to a rare snowy night in Paris with the lights flashing?

Wanderlust Puzzles: Paris in a Day

At 1,000 pieces, this puzzle is sure to be a fun brainteaser for the receiver! This jigsaw puzzle is colorful and filled with whimsical illustrations of Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur, and different stores lined along the streets!

“Travels Through the French Riviera: An Artist’s Guide to the Storied Coastline, from Menton to Saint-Tropez” by Virginia Johnson

This book is made for the coffee table with its beautiful illustrations of South of France! Author and Canadian-based artist Virginia Johnson walks you through pages of her bright-colored watercolor illustrations of the French Riviera. It’s also a little travel guide with commentary about the locations and French culture.

“The Amazing Adventures of ‘Aya and Pete in Paris'” by Serena Minott and Asha Gore

Okay, this children’s book is just adorable. It is part of the Aya and Pete series, where a little girl Aya travels around the world with her pet sloth Pete. In this book, they go sightseeing all around Paris and try all the yummy French food! The illustrations are just the cutest, and I can see this book being suited for children ages 2—5. Also, Serena Minott is a Black author and I am always about supporting Black-owned artists and business. She also has wrote books of Aya and Pete in London and New York. You can even buy a plushie of Pete!

Wanderlust Mixology: Cocktails in Paris workshop

Would you rather gift your loved one an experience? Consider gifting them a virtual Parisian cocktail making workshop! There are designated dates where you can choose for your gifter. If they don’t drink alcohol, there are options to make mocktails. You also have an option to purchase the Paris Wanderlust Puzzle (mentioned above) in addition to the class.

Rick Steves France Guidebook

I love Rick Steves. I can’t believe I only started watching him this year. He has decades of experience traveling around Europe so he knows the best sites, restaurants, villages, and hidden gems all around. He’s funny too! This guidebook is over 1,000 pages long but the paper is Bible-page thin and won’t weigh you down as you’re walking around the cobblestones of France figuring out where to go and what to eat. It covers all of France, including but not limited to Paris, Normandy, Brittany, Provence, the French Alps, and South of France. Since it’s updated for 2023, it’s also has some COVID-related information and resources on how to travel safely!

The only gift guide you’ll ever need for your Francophile friend

Whether you or your loved one has never been to France, or you have and are dying to back…you are sure to love these unique gifts!

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