June 2020 Kinder Beauty Box

kinder beauty box, june 2020 kinder beauty box

I’ve been discovering and loving new clean beauty brands. What better way to try different products with the subscription box? This is where Kinder Beauty Box comes in.

I’ve tried clean/green beauty boxes such as Goodbeing (which I LOVED but unfortunately they went out of business) and Petit Vour. I kept seeing ads on Facebook and Instagram about this Kinder Beauty Box, and as I did some research and saw the kinds of products they sent out, and I was super interested! I signed up, and the rest is history.

Kinder Beauty Box is a clean/vegan monthly beauty box curated by actresses Daniela Morlet and Evanna Lynch. The subscription is $25/month but you can chose a 3-month or 6-month payment plan for slightly cheaper if you pay upfront. Each month, you get $165+ worth of clean, green, and vegan beauty products from luxury and indie brands.

I will say that due to the pandemic and the Kinder team being short-staffed, your order will get delayed. I ordered on May 21, and the box arrived on June 7. But I believe it’s so worth it. They also donate a portion of their sales to animal rights groups!

So what did I get in the box?

kinder beauty box, june 2020 kinder beauty box, 100% pure bright eyes mask

100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask ($7)

These gel eye masks help depuff and brighten the area under your eye. The masks are tightly packed in liquid from 95% organic aloe water and 5% plant cellulose. The caffeine comes from organic matcha tea and organic green coffee. Because these masks are only single-use, it’s hard to tell if it really made a difference under my eye circles. You can purchase a 5-pack for $30, which is pretty expensive. I do love how it felt, especially because I refrigerated it. Using this along with my Elemis Superfood Veggie Mask felt like the ultimate at-home spa session!

kinder beauty box, june 2020 kinder beauty box, 100% pure bright eyes mask

kinder beauty box, june 2020 kinder beauty box, fleur and bee, fleur and bee eyes eyes baby eye cream

Fleur & Bee Eyes Eyes Baby Anti-Aging Eye Cream ($22)

Like the 100% Pure masks, I refrigerate this too. I love applying this in the morning and right before I go to bed. I have pretty serious dark circles, so I’m going to test this out and see if this helps my eyes (as long as I supplement with good sleep!). There is caffeine, Vitamin B3 (which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, which I also have under my eyes), Vitamin E (which evens out skin tone!) and plant-based squalene (which hydrates).

kinder beauty box, june 2020 kinder beauty box, 100% pure bright eyes mask, dirty lamb, dirty lamb night serum

Dirty Lamb Ultra Night Serum ($52)

I have dry skin, so I need the hydration I can get. Dirty Lamb’s night serum brights and hydrates. Its main ingredient is wheat germ oil (filled with Vitamin E). At first, I was a little nervous because I heard it was highly comedogenic. But on the flip side, I read that it helps even out skin tone and reduces scarring. I’ve been having some breakouts either from having to wear face masks or PMS, and I’ve been applying every night. I had a small pimple on my face that went away the day after, and some breakouts on my nose disappeared. However, the next day, the breakouts on my nose came back?! I do feel some hydration on my cheeks though. I will report in a month or so and see if I get good results from this.

If you are acne-prone though, I would be weary of using this.

Also, someone on the Kinder Beauty Box private Facebook group recommended to apply it AFTER moisturizer to lock it in. So that’s something I’m going to experiment with.

kinder beauty box, june 2020 kinder beauty box, 100% pure bright eyes mask, glov makeup remover

Glov Makeup Remover ($12.99)

A makeup remover glove certainly isn’t a new concept, but this glov(e) is oh-so-soft and gentle on the skin! Just add water to remove your makeup. I do add water, but sometimes I feel like it isn’t enough, so I use this (and my other makeup remover towels) along with this cleansing oil to really get rid of the gunk. Also, it is packaged in a bag made out of starch, which will decompose in 12 months, unlike plastic which decomposes in 500. I’m trying my best to limit my plastic use (although I’m not perfect, I was/am the queen of using plastic sandwich bags for lunch) so I appreciate that.

kinder beauty box, june 2020 kinder beauty box, 100% pure bright eyes mask, medusas makeup, medusas makeup pennywise

Medusa’s Makeup Eye Dust in “Penny Wise” ($8)

I don’t use loose eyeshadow pigments, but this is a fun shade! It’s a reddish copper shimmer with loads of pigment. I like to shake the container so some of the product comes out and apply on my lid like below (excuse my quarantined eyebrows).

kinder beauty box, june 2020 kinder beauty box, 100% pure bright eyes mask, medusas makeup, medusas makeup pennywise

Overall? I really enjoy the box so far. I hope my future boxes will have more makeup and less skincare (I don’t fuck with my skin, it’s sensitive). It seemed like Petit Vour had a decent amount of makeup, but most of my boxes were filled with skincare. Goodbeing had the perfect balance of both. I would also love to purchase the Kinder Collections boxes once they restock. I will continue to subscribe to them and explore clean beauty brands I have never tried before!

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