My Post COVID-19 Bucketlist

post covid 19 bucket list

Let’s be real. The world has gone to a complete stop since COVID-19.

Yes, I know businesses are reopening. But that doesn’t mean you should go out and pretend the pandemic never happened. You don’t want a second wave a la 1918 Spanish flu, correct? So keep staying inside as much as possible because God forbid you might be a carrier of the virus and unknowingly spread it to others around you. Wear a mask when you’re inside.

It’s going to be a long time before we come up with a vaccine. And no, there’s not going be a chip (for all of you conspiracy theorists). Until then, we need to do our part to stay safe and protect others.

Once we do get a vaccine and the WHO, CDC, and the government declare that it is safe to completely reopen, I have a bucketlist of things I want to do:

1. Get my eyebrows done.

My eyebrows are a hot mess right now. I haven’t gotten them waxed since February, I believe? I bought an epilator ended up shaving a part of the tail end of my brow. Now all the hairs are growing back again. Yes, I will continue to use the epilator and tweezer, but it’s just not the same as someone professionally doing it for you.

2. Go paddle-boarding and swimming in Lake Tahoe.

I went to Lake Tahoe last fall with my friends and we went SUP (stand up paddle-boarding) for the first time. It was a ton of fun and I felt great, even though I was so sore after. Afterward, we took a nice, cool dip. I love swimming and dipping in the water, whether if it’s in a pool, ocean, or lake. Lake Tahoe is huge, and halved by California and Nevada. My friends and I went to Sand Harbor Beach, which is in the Nevada side. The water was stunning and clear blue. We walked around the sand, bridges and rocks. I felt like I was in Hawaii again.

3. Happy Hour with friends

My friends and I have had our virtual nights out through Facebook Messenger. We have so much fun chatting, catching up, having our own drinks and choosing filters for our screens. But I really can’t wait to see them in person again for brunch, happy hour or dinner.

4. Scope out a new workout home.

I have talked about my love for Pure Barre here, but I’m yearning for something different. I am interested in trying something new, and something more intense (especially with sweaty, heart-pumping cardio). Orangetheory and F45 are opening up near me, and I’ve been so curious to try them. I’m leaning more towards F45 though because there’s more variety in the workouts, and I tried one of the workout videos from the North Raleigh studio.

5. Start attending church.

I’ve been watching the church services online. It makes it so much easier because Cecilio and I tend to sleep in on Sundays and miss the service (in person). Plus, if there’s anything we learned during this pandemic, the church is not merely a building but the body of Christ. Still, I miss going to the services in person. Our services are beautiful, with prayers, Scriptures, singing hymns, sermons, and taking the Eucharist. And even though I mentioned that the Church is not a building, I am in awe of the stained glass windows, wooden pews, details on the altar, organ piping, and the incense scent. My church has an older demographic though, so it’s probably best to worship at home for the time being.

6. Make an appointment with the optometrist and dentist.

I am overdue for both. I last saw the optometrist in 2018 and dentist in 2016. Uh, yeah. That’s quite a while. I don’t mind getting my eyes checked, especially because my prescription probably changed for glasses and contacts. But I’m such a big baby about going to the dentist. It doesn’t help that my health issues with lupus caused dental issues. I have a lot of anxiety, especially with past dentists chiding me and shaming me. I know I have some problems but I need help and to not be shamed about it. I may need to have Cecilio come with me for support. I know, I’m an adult but I still struggle with it.

7. Plan for future travel.

2020 is not the year for travel, that’s for sure. But I still haven’t forgotten about my travel bucketlist before I turn 40. I still have my wanderlust, and Cecilio thinks that the earliest we can maybeeee travel is probably Winter 2021. That is a long ways away! I like the idea of going to the Christmas markets in December 2021 in Germany, Amsterdam, and Paris. And then we can finally do Japan in 2022. Let’s just see how things go…

What’s on your post COVID-19 bucket list?

Hannah is a travel writer, graphic designer, and the founder/editor of Hannah on Horizon. She is based in Sacramento, California, living with her husband and two adorable dogs. She shares tips on how to experience luxury travel on any budget, and how to maximize time at each trip or destination, no matter what your budget or amount of vacation time at work. She enjoys making you feel like you have visited each destination with her through her storytelling and informative writing style.

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