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I’m not a huge mask wearer, but I do love using them once in a one in a while to pamper myself after a stressful day and to nourish my skin.

I picked up 3 sheet masks from Pacifica a while back in March at my local, and I recently finished all of them: Pollution Fight, Stress Rehab and Disobey Time. Each mask is $4, and the packaging couldn’t be any more adorable. I didn’t even want to open them! While the masks don’t fit perfectly, I found it cute how the eyes are heart-shaped.

All Pacifica sheet masks are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Here are the descriptions and my consensus on each mask:

Pollution Fight Blue Algae Urban Defense Facial Mask

Pacifica’s Pollution Fight Blue Algae Urban Defense Facial Mask will fight the good fight against invisible toxins, such as pollution and smoke, and the damage done from urban lifestyles. Infused with skin-loving beneficials: blue algae, kelp, banana, chlorella, vitamin C and chia seed extract.

When I first started wearing this mask, within 5 minutes it started to have a tingly, spicy sensation. I thought it was from the turmeric, but the other masks have turmeric too and did not have the spicy feeling. Nevertheless, I do like how hydrated and plump my skin looked and felt afterward. I probably may or may not repurchase.

Stress Rehab Coconut & Caffeine Facial Mask

Get your skin into rehab with Pacifica’s Stress Rehab Coconut & Caffeine Facial Mask, a mask designed to help de-stress your skin and your mind. Tone and help fight redness and puffiness from too many late nights. Skin-loving beneficials include: coconut, caffeine, green tea and turmeric.

I wore this mask a week after being discharged from the hospital (when Cecilio and I moved back into our own place after staying with my parents for a while). After not being able to do any sort of skincare for half a month, I decided to treat myself with this. This is my least favorite mask of the bunch: my skin felt so sticky and dry afterward after using it. I really had to lather on some moisturizer afterward. I will not repurchase this.

Disobey Time Rose & Peptide Facial Mask

Hydrate your skin while peptides work their magic with Pacifica’s Diobey Time Rose & Peptide Facial Mask. This multi-targeted effective mask is infused with plant extracts, flowers and dreams of youthful skin. The serum-like formula does not need to be rinsed and continues to work even when mask is removed. Skin-loving beneficials include: peptides, rose hip seed oil, chamomile extract, red rice extract, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate and green tea.

I just tried this last week, and I’ve got to say that it is my favorite out of all 3 masks! It’s great to put on after a nice shower, and it feels cooling on your face. Unlike with the Stress Rehab mask, my face felt nourished and hydrated afterward! Yes, I will absolutely repurchase.

Have you ever tried anything from Pacifica? Particularly their skincare items or sheet masks?

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