Depuff and decrease dark circles with VII code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask

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I’m always on the hunt for concealers, correctors, and eye creams to help hide (and depuff) my pesky dark circles and find lines. Lately, I’ve been slacking off on looking for eye creams, serums and treatments because I found my holy grail corrector+concealer combo and have been wearing that everyday, even if I don’t have any sort of foundation. However, it’s actually better to tackle and treat the problem instead of just hiding it (like with everything else in life).

When VII code contacted me to see if I was interested in trying their O2M Oxygen Eye Mask*, of course I immediately said YES! Could this be the magic treatment for my dark circles for once and for all?

One box of the VII code O2M Oxygen Eye Masks cost $58, which comes with 6 eye patches, 1 for each eye. You can also purchase the one course treatment (which consists of three boxes), which costs $174. This is a great option if you have pretty bad dark circles like I do.

These eye masks are supposed to eliminate puffiness and dark circles by increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation. It also boosts oxygen to combat wrinkles and pigmentation. It contains grapeseed oil and seaweed, which are supposed to remove free radicals and improve collagen, which helps your wrinkles slowly get erased. There is also white tea, which retains moisture and helps slow-down the appearance of wrinkles.

One side of the patch has plastic that you peel off so that you can stick it under your eyes. You are supposed to wear it right before bed.  Because there are only 6 in a box, you can either wear each eye mask twice a week for 3 weeks or 3 times a week for 2 weeks. For my first week, I used it twice. Second week, I completely forgot about it and ended up only doing it once. So I made up for lost time by doing it three times on my last month.

I honestly didn’t see much results after I finished testing out all the masks in the box and looking at the photos below. But as I look closer, I can see that the puffiness slightly decreased and that you don’t see deep shadows on my below photo, and my fine lines got softer. A week after I took the after photo, I noticed myself in the mirror getting ready and noticing how my puffiness and dark circles significantly decreased (but it may be because I actually got 8 hours of sleep the night before.

VII code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask, VII code Oxygen Eye Mask, VII code Eye Mask, VII code
Top photo: Taken on Januarry 22, before testing. Bottom photo: Taken on February 9, finishing.

So yes, I would say that the VII code eye masks do work, but if you deep dark circles like I do, one box is not enough to see a significant change and you may need to purchase the whole course (three boxes for $174). I don’t have disposable income, but if I did, it’s something I would consider especially as I’m turning 30 next year and want to slow down the clock. Lifestyle factors can also play into your dark circles and puffiness, so don’t expect this to be a miracle worker. For me, I have dark circles because I am 1/4 Indian and it’s very common for Indian women to have them, and I have pretty poor sleeping habits I am trying to overhaul. I also am taking 20 mg of prednisone which is contributing to the puffiness. For now, I will test out The Ordinary Caffeine Solution, day and night to see if it works for me.

Have you tried the VII code O2M Oxygen Eye Masks? How do you treat dark circles (if you have any)?

*This product was sent to me in exchange for a review.
However, my opinions about the product remain 100% honest and unbiased.

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