The toner that banishes my PMS breakouts

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I’ve been incredibly lucky to not have skin problems growing up except for the occasional pimple. I’ve never had to deal with acne. I don’t mean to toot my own horn since we all have imperfections. My metabolism is so slow that looking at food makes me put on weight. A bit too much alcohol actually makes my face puff up. But eating junk food, pizza and sweets doesn’t affect my skin at all. Yes I’m trying to eat healthier and drink green smoothies to only help it look more glowing and I’m developing a consistent skincare routine for preventative measures. But I’m sure not the best person to go to when it comes to skincare advice.

That said, I do get the occasional breakout a week before that time of the month. And it’s so frustrating. I feel really self-conscious about the zits that pop up on a monthly basis. I’ve searched for something that could help zap it, but I didn’t have to look any further when I found the S.W. Basics Toner (not sponsored at all) at Target.

S.W. Basics prides themselves for having only 5 ingredients or less in their skincare products, all of which are natural and organic. Their philosophy is all about simplicity, that less ingredients means that their products are more gentle on the skin. I know a lot of beauty brands do “greenwashing”–marketing themselves as “all-natural”, “organic”, “non-toxic”, but S.W. Basics is Certified USDA Organic. To be USDA Organic means that they are in no way made with GMOs, synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They are also manufactured in facilities under strict quality control and only use verified organic sources.

They are also a fairly inexpensive brand in the clean/green beauty world, especially if you compare them to the brands in Credo or The Detox Market. The toner is only $19.99 for 4 oz. in a glass bottle. It’s one of S.W. Basics’ more popular items since it’s currently sold out on Target’s website and it was nominated as the best toner according to Byrdie and Forbes.

Like I mentioned above, none of the ingredients have more than five ingredients: this contains water, organic apple cider vinegar, organic witch hazel, organic clary sage essential oil, and organic sandalwood essential oil. The apple cider vinegar is responsible for giving it the unpleasant smell but it also helps balance the pH in your skin. Our skin is naturally acidic, which helps protect it from bacteria and pollution.

Witch hazel is also another acne killer by contracting tissues to kill pores, reducing inflammation and preventing bacteria for entering your pores. There’s a reason that most skincare targeted for oily skin contains witch hazel.

Anyway, when I find myself having breakouts, it’s usually a week before Aunt Flo’s visits. This is my weapon against the PMS pimples. It’s best to apply on a cotton ball and pat on the zit.

It’s not my main toner though because it is quite drying. I would highly recommend it for those with oily skin, acne or suffer from the occasional breakout. You can purchase it on their website, Amazon or Target (once its back in stock).

What’s your go-to toner?

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