Travel Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide [2023]

Are you the type of person who likes to gift each person one big item with smaller multiple ones? If so, this post is for you!

Stocking stuffer gifts are fun, especially when you see the stocking fill up. There are so many practical little gifts to give to your family and friends for their next trip you didn’t realize that they might need. Don’t worry, I am here to help you find the perfect travel stocking stuffers!

These would also be great for the white elephant game at any holiday party you attend!

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Travel Stocking Stuffers


Dry lips always get the best of me, especially from a long flight. Keep them at bay with not one, but two lip oils to chuck in your purse!

Wet Brush Mini Detangler

Does your hair get tangled easily like mine? If so, you’re going to want this! It’s small enough to fit in your bag, and you can brush your locks out wet or dry. I have a few wet detangler brushes and I can’t rave about them enough. A mini wet hair brush makes for one of the best travel stocking stuffers.

Mini Hand and Wrist Foam Roller

You probably can’t stuff a big foam roller in a stocking or pack one in a suitcase, but you can add this mini roller for the friend who gets achy joints easily *raises hand*. This is great for rolling out your wrists, the balls of your hand, forearms, feet, and maybe even your neck!

Ticket Stub Diary

Do you ever wonder what to do with your boarding passes, concert tickets, hotel keys, etc.? Well, now you can store them in this keepsake diary, complete with clear plastic sleeves, and share your memories with your future kids!

First Class Kit

Pamper yourself during a long flight with these essentials! This kit comes with a silky sleeping mask, pillowcase, ear plugs, 1 pack of 10 wet wipes, 1 pack of 10 facial tissues, and a quart-sized TSA-compliant bag! This is a must for the traveling self-care queen 🙂

Pombury Faux Fur Lined Slipper

Minnetonka Dina Womens’ Slipper

These faux fur slippers are amazing for keeping your feet warm and germ-free in hotels. And you can wear them around the house too!

Ubeesize Portable Phone Tripod with Remote

There’s a reason this baby has over 30,000 positive reviews on Amazon (I actually have this one too!). It’s lightweight, easy to throw in a stocking and a purse, and the legs are flexible allowing you to wrap it around poles. It also comes with a remote that you use with Bluetooth. Because it’s also super affordable, it makes the most perfect travel stocking stuffers!

EnergyCell Pilot 4GS Portable Charger

Almost every traveler has this, but honestly, you can never have too many power banks. When you’re out and about sightseeing and taking photos in front of epic attractions and delicious foods, you’re going to run out of battery. Especially if you are a travel content creator and need to take your own “stock” photos and videos for blogs, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. I always pack 3 chargers. I have this charger and it’s my favorite since it’s sleek and the battery lasts all day long.

Bombas Merino Wool Socks

I’m not sure how I survived winters without Merino wool socks, but they are an absolute must for someone who gets cold easily. When you’re walking around in frigid temperatures, you need these socks to keep your toes toasty. The wool is also moisture-wicking, preventing them from getting wet (especially from sweat).

Gold Undereye Patches

After a long flight or road trip, you want to look and feel refreshed. What better way to do so than with these eye masks?! These also have collagen to plump up your skin.

Luggage Tags

These cheeky, memorable luggage tags are perfect for those who are checking in a black suitcase since it can be hard to find it in the conveyor belt. With these babies, your suitcase can stick out and you can find it much more easily!

S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

After using a stainless steel water bottle, I don’t want to try other water bottles anymore. They keep my water nice and cold, unlike the other ones. Plus, you save money not buying expensive plastic bottles at the store, and it’s so much better for the environment!

Etekcity Luggage Scale

Nothing is more mortifying than checking your luggage only to find out that it weighs more than 50 pounds. Even worse, people behind you are waiting impatiently and silently judging you. Save yourself the embarrassment and get yourself (or the beloved jet setter in your life) this nifty luggage scale.

Personalized Jewelry Case

Whoever designed this jewelry case is a genius. Those hooks for necklaces are necessary; the last thing you want is for your necklaces to tangle! You can also pin your earrings. There’s plenty of space to put rings and bracelets too. Also, isn’t this super cute?! The velvet material makes it feel extra luxurious. And you can personalize it with your name! It comes in different colors like blue, pink, purple, and green (my fave).

Give the gift of adventure…

…by helping your loved pack and prepare efficiently using this travel stocking stuffers gift guide!

What kind of travel-related gifts do you like to give for the holidays and birthdays?

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