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Why you absolutely need to go to Xcaret Park

xcaret park, xcaret, playa del carmen, riviera maya, mexico

Planning a trip to Cancun or the Riviera Maya? Most travel buffs would have you avoid going to Xcaret Park, known as the “Disneyland of Mexico”. Maybe there is some truth to that, but that should absolutely not let it stop you from scoping it out!

Why you must visit Fairmont San Francisco Gingerbread House

fairmont san francisco, fairmont sf, fairmont san francisco gingerbread house

One of the highlights of our San Francisco mini-vacation was visiting the Fairmont Hotel. When I first found out about the life-sized Gingerbread House, I wanted to see it in person. It’s grander than appears in person, but it turns out that Fairmont San Francisco has a lot more to offer than the Gingerbread House.

Experiencing Christkindlmarkt at Sacramento Turn Verein

Christkindlmarkt at Sacramento Turn Verein, Sacramento Christmas Market

I’ve always wanted to go to a European Christmas Market. It’s in my bucket list to visit one one of these years. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds or time to buy a plane ticket on a whim. Thankfully, my hometown offers a traditional German Christmas Market (also known as Christkindlmarkt or “Christ Child Market” in German). Enter Christkindlmarkt at Sacramento Turn Verein.

Exploring Downieville, CA as a non-biker


I’m blessed to be living in California: nature abounds in different terrain here. We have beaches, mountains, forests, and deserts. Living in Sacramento means that Lake Tahoe is pretty much my backyard and we try to go as much as possible. However, we never considered going to Downieville until this past Friday.

Photo Diary: California State Fair

Summer in Sacramento means fair season: thousands of locals flock to the California State Fair during the 2 weeks it’s open in July to enjoy rides, fatty foods, refreshing drinks, live music and performances, and adorable animals!

The Porch Sacramento, The Porch restaurant Sacramento, the porch restaurant

Dine Downtown Sacramento: The Porch Restaurant and Bar

The Porch Sacramento, The Porch restaurant Sacramento, the porch restaurant, Dine Downtown Sacramento

Back when Cecilio and I were just dating or even just engaged, we ate out pretty often. We loved (and still do) going to different types of restaurants: counter order style, brunch, New American, Indian, Mediterranean, French, Italian, Mexican, Asian, etc. and we save fine dining restaurants for very, very special occasions. I guess you could call us foodies.