21 Travel Gift Ideas for Her (That She Will Fall Head Over Heels For)

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Are you shopping for your globetrotting mom, sister, daughter, or friend? This guide is for you and you’re going to need to bookmark it ASAP!

Whether you’re shopping for her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or just cause, your travel-loving lady is going to adore these items she can use on the road or flight. I have some of these items on the list, and I can attest to how good they are (if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be on the list). Whether you’re looking to purchase something practical (like luggage or organizers) or cute (like clothing or jewelry), I have it covered.

And honestly, these gifts are not exclusively for when you’re traveling. You can even use some of them lounging around at home.

These travel gift ideas for her are too good, you’ll end up getting tempted to shop for yourself 😉 I say go for it!

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links, which means I make a commission if you book through this post. If you do decide to book using my links, thank you so much for your support!

Travel Gift Ideas for Her

Portable Jewelry Organizer

jewelry organizer

This is for the girls and women who love to pack jewelry on vacation and don’t have an organized way of doing so (hi, yeah, that’s me too). If your necklaces tend to tangle when you’re packing them (again, that’s me to a T), then you’re going to love how this has hooks to store them and pockets to keep them in place. There are holders for rings, a small section for earrings, and transparent pockets for bracelets and other knickknacks (so you can see what you packed and not forget).

This organizer is super-chic, almost like a clutch purse! Unlike other jewelry organizers (even travel-sized ones), this is not bulky at all, making it easy to chuck in your luggage.

Suitcase Cup Holder/Pocket

coffee pouch for luggage handle

Whoever designed or patented this is a genius! Once you’re at the gate waiting for your flight, you can get your coffee or water bottle while waiting, hands-free. You can also use the other pocket to store another drink or your phone and other items. When you’re holding onto so much crap (like I tend to do), you’re more likely to lose it.

Hidden Pocket Travel Scarf

floral printed scarf with pockets

This scarf is super cute and keeps you warm. And it has a hidden pocket where you can store your keys, wallet, and other things! This would be great to wear at the airport so that you can put your trinkets in the scarf before you go through security without having to scramble to look for them in your pocket. Just throw in the bin and go!

Carry-on Backpack

beige carry on backpack

This is the backpack I use for traveling, and I love it! Even though it’s a carry-on backpack, I use it as a personal bag when I’m flying (it’s small enough to be one). It has so many pockets, including a back pocket where I can store my laptop. You can fit almost anything in here! There is even a hidden pocket on the bottom where you can store shoes. You can also use the straps to snap your front side, which I find helps alleviate back pain. I like using this bag for road trips and packing my camera gear. It comes in different colors too, if beige isn’t your thing.

Waffle Knit Robe

white bathrobe

Not all hotels will have a plush robe for you to wear after a nice shower or spa session. In that case (and you have an idea of where you’re staying), you can bring your own! I don’t know about you, but wearing a robe makes me feel more luxurious. I bought this robe and wore it in my cabin when I went glamping in a vineyard near San Diego. This robe has a waffle kit texture making it breathable and absorbent.

woman in Travino, a glamping spot in Ramona near San Diego

18K Gold-Plated Necklace with Compass and Globe Charms

necklace with globe and compass charms

This dainty little necklace would be an amazing gift for your globetrotting mother, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, niece, etc. I believe even the most simple piece of jewelry completes an outfit. And what better way to use fashion as a creative outlet than to express your love for travel? While this necklace is marketed as a graduation gift, you can purchase this for anyone “just because”.

Makeup Bag with Makeup Brush Storage

makeup bag with detachable brush bag

Looking for an easy way to store your toiletries and makeup brushes without taking up too much space in your luggage? Look no further than this TSA-approved makeup bag! I love that it comes with an extra detachable bag where you can store your brushes. It makes it so much easier to pack your makeup!

Allbird’s Wool Pipers

allbirds sneakers

Allbirds has some of the most comfortable shoes for travel, and the Wool Pipers are made with merino wool, which is actually perfect for both hot AND cold weather. During chillier days, merino wool keeps your feet warm and toasty, and you don’t need to wear socks. But you can also wear them during the summer as they are absorbent. The soles also have a cushion, providing comfort for your feet during those long walks.

Tripod/Selfie Stick

tripod/selfie stick

I have this tripod, and I love it. I’ve taken it with me to Copenhagen on a solo trip when Cecilio couldn’t be there to take photos. While it can extend up to 60 inches, but the base is around 13 inches. It’s light, slim, and you can easily pack it in your purse without it taking too much space. It also doubles as a selfie stick, and it comes with a wireless remote!

Travel Journal

travel journal

This journal is for the lady who travels, no matter how often. I love how there’s a big space empty space for a photo to tape on and a lined section where you can jot out your thoughts. Journaling while you travel helps you be in the present and record all the new sights, sounds and tastes. Write down everything you felt from landing to sightseeing at that one attraction you’ve been dreaming of visiting for years. When you look back, you’ll smile and be fond of the memories…you’ll think, I can’t believe I did that! I can’t believe I went there!

If you don’t have a photo to tack on, you can also tape boarding passes, mini postcards, or stamps. You can even do a drawing, no matter what skill level!

Waterproof Windbreaker Jacket

windbreaker coat for women

This is one of my favorite jackets, which I have worn in Copenhagen and Portland. It’s stylish, chic, and warm! It protects against strong winds, rain, and cold weather. It also comes in different colors, so if khaki isn’t your thing, you can also get it in navy, grey, black, green, or purple.

woman in Nyhavn in Copenhagen

Portable Steamer

portable travel steamer

No matter how careful you pack you your clothes, whether you roll or fold them…somehow they end up wrinkled. It sucks, and it looks sloppy. And a lot of travel-sized steamers are pretty bulky. But this steamer is slim and only weighs 1 pound, and you can fit it easily in a corner inside your suitcase. You know what that means…you can pack an extra dress!

The Makeup Eraser

makeup eraser towel

I love wearing makeup, but I find it annoying to remove. Cleansing balms can be too bulky to pack (and it might leak all over), and disposable makeup removers are irritating for your skin (not to mention pretty bad for the environment). The solution? Get the MakeUp Eraser, a reusable makeup-removing towel that you just need to soak with water and rub away! Unlike regular towels, the materials made with this are not irritating to your face. You can wash it as normal in the laundry!

Insulated Coffee Mug

insulated coffee mug

Oh coffee…I drink it so much everyday that my veins are probably filled with it. If that’s you, then you’re going to love this insulated coffee mug, which will keep your hot drinks warm, and your iced drinks cold. This is not only perfect for road trips, but for everyday life (like commuting to work).

Vintage-Inspired Globe

vintage globe

When you’re not traveling…you can cozy up at home, spin this globe, and decide your next destination to visit. Am I the only one that does that? Regardless, this antique-inspired globe makes a perfect addition to the globetrotter’s household (no pun intended). It has raised parts for mountains, and it’s updated to 2023 geographical lines.

Passport Holder

green passport holder

Passport holders don’t have to be boring; this one comes in different colors! You don’t want to leave your passport loose in your bag; you can’t travel or leave the country without it! Also, this isn’t just a passport holder; it can carry your credit cards, vaccine card, and there are even 2 small pockets for your SIM card (I recommend digital SIM cards though).

Portable Makeup Mirror with Lights

makeup mirror

If you’re bringing makeup, those tiny little mirrors in your eyeshadow palette aren’t going to cut it. Sometimes the hotel bathroom has terrible light or no space to get ready. This is where this makeup mirror comes in handy; it’s much bigger than the palette mirrors, but it’s slim and foldable, which protects it from breaking. It also comes with 3 different types of light, making it easier to get ready! Last but not least, it’s rechargeable.

Summer Sandals

beige strappy sandals

These are my go-to sandals for the summer, and they are super cute! You can dress them up or down, on a beach trip or a city break. The straps are elastic, so they won’t constrict your feet. I’ve read reviews from some customers who said that these sandals were comfy for their wide feet!

CALPAK Carry-On Luggage with Front Pocket

calpak carryon suitcase with front pocket

CALPAK has some of the best suitcases (and I kinda wish I had one too). This carry-on suitcase with the front pocket is one of their most popular items, and the linen color (shown above) sells out FAST. The front pocket zips all the way, making it the perfect spot for your laptop (and it makes it easier to take out when going through security). It has even more pockets inside, and the suitcase comes with a TSA-approved lock, ensuring total safety.

BASMA Foundation Stick

basma foundation stick

Packing your favorite bottle of foundation is tricky because there’s always a chance that it can leak all over your bag. Also, they tend to take up space in your toiletry kit. But getting a stick foundation like this one from BASMA gets rid of those issues! It’s compact there’s 0 risk of spillage. BASMA is a WOC-owned brand, and the foundation has 40 shades which could almost rival Fenty Beauty. You’re bound to find the perfect shade!

Hotel Stay

woman lying on bed in Hotel Corque in Solvang

What, you didn’t think I would finish this list without giving an “experience” as a gift? Whether you’re booking for a girls’ night, mom-and-daughter QT, or a romantic getaway, she’s going to looooove a stay at a comfy, chic hotel (preferably a 4-star, but I’ve stayed in 3-stars that feel luxurious). Last Christmas, Cecilio gifted me a 2-night stay at Hotel Corque in Solvang. Now granted, he booked it on his birthday a month later (he tried to book on MLK but the rates were too expensive). This is one of the best (and biggest) hotel rooms we stayed in!

Happy Shopping!

So there you have it. If you’re stumped on what to gift the wanderlusting lady in your life, hopefully, these travel gift ideas for her will help you find something she will absolutely adore and jet off with.

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